Can I use stain removers on spills before I bring them in to King Cleaners?

We at King Cleaners ask that you don’t use any stain removing products prior to your visit. Store bought stain removers often react with dry cleaning solutions as they are designed to work with water.

For proper and complete stain removal, bring you clothes to us As Soon As Possible.

What should I do if I spill something on my clothes?

If you spill a liquid or drop food on your garment take a deep breath. Before you apply water or club soda, think again. DO NOT put these fluids on the stain!! Please don’t rub the spot either, simply blot with a clean light colored cloth or paper towel. Avoid colored napkins, as the dye used can easily transfer to the garment. Once you are able to change your clothing, bring it to King Cleaners as soon as possible. The quicker we treat the stain, the more likely we are able to remove it. Let us do your dirty work!

General Cleaning Tips

Garments dry cleaned regularly last longer. Accumulations of perspiration, grit and dust particles can shorten the life of your garment. Pressing a soiled garment can permanently set stains which may not be obvious to the eye. Delaying dry cleaning after a garment has been stained can cause the stain to become permanently set. Garments which are dry cleaned will last longer than if they are washed.

Discuss any stains with us. Be especially sure to point out light-colored or invisible spills, such as those from soft drinks, fruit juices or white wine. The more history we have the better we can serve you.

Always apply perfumes, hair sprays, lotions, antiperspirants and other toiletries BEFORE getting dressed. Since these products can contain ingredients that adversely effect some dyes, allow sufficient time for these products to dry.

Protect your garments from excessive perspiration, especially silks, because it can cause many dyes to discolor.

Protect your garments from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or strong artificial light. Keep in mind that even indoor lighting can affect some dyes.

Don’t press stained or soiled clothes. The heat may set some stains.