Dry Cleaning

Making you look good is our business. When you look good, we look good. For this reason we are committed to treating your garments with the utmost care and quality. We at King Cleaners use state of the art equipment and employ exceptional pressers and experienced dry cleaners. We are proud to say that we adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations for drycleaning purity, to prevent any disturbance to fabric finishes, dyes, prints or texture, providing you with a clean beautiful, bright, odor free garment.

FREE Pick Up and Delivery

We now provide FREE pick up and delivery services at your home or business.

Executive Shirt Laundry

You will definitely look good in a shirt that has been professionally laundered and pressed. We double check to make sure your buttons are not damaged or missing, and that your shirt is looking great, complete with a collar support. Ask for your shirts on hangers, or folded and boxed.

Wedding Gowns

Cleaning a delicate wedding gown calls for years of experience and training to gain the necessary sensitivity and awareness that your fragile gown demands. At King Cleaners, we are aware of these demands and have the experience to gently handle and care for your wedding gown. After the wedding we can clean and preserve the dress in an acid-free, air tight treasure chest.

Leather and Suede

Most leather and suede garments will clean beautifully when processed by a professional suede and leather cleaner like King Cleaners. However, there are some exceptions due to the quality and condition of the skins. Cleaning your leather and suede is no problem for us. Because leather require special chemicals and equipment for cleaning, we have partnered with leather specialists that have been in business for more than 50 years.

Tailoring and Alterations

Any tailoring or mending job can be done by our seamstress who has more than 20 years experience.You can simply mark the garment where alterations are needed or we will be happy to do it for you, and a couple of days later the garment will fit you perfectly.

Drapes and Household Cleaning

Comforters, blankets, duvet covers, bedspreads, down pillows, sleeping bags, drapes, afghans, and other household items should be professionally cleaned. King Cleaners can enhance the appearance of your home by cleaning these items regularly.

Restoration Cleaning

Using a special set of chemicals we can restore clothing and households damaged from fire or flood. We have the capacity to do large quantities in a short amount of time.